ESRI Leaflet bindings.

ESRI bindings for the leaflet package, based on the ESRI leaflet plugin. This package is part of the leaflet ecosystem of R packages for web mapping.

Compatibility Matrix

As of Feb, 2017 the leaflet R package is based on version 0.7.7 of the Leaflet Javascript library and therefore the leaflet.esri package is based on version 1.0.4 of esri-leaflet Jaascript library which is the last release compatible with the 0.7.x branch of Leaflet JS. The chart below shows more details.

Leaflet JS ver. R Leaflet pkg ver. esri-leaflet JS Plugin ver. R leaflet.esri pkg ver.
0.7.x 1.1 1.0.4 0.2.x
1.x ? 1 2.x ?

1 - The R package has not yet been proted to Leaflet JS 1.x

Features Tracking

NOTE It may not be possible to implement each and every feature and if so the documentation will be updated accordingly. Each feature which is implemented has a tick mark (✔️) next to it. Any description you find in this section is directly taken from the esri-leaflt API reference.


Layers provide visualization capabilities for data hosted in Feature Services, Map Services and Image Services.



Tasks are wrappers for commonly used API methods on ArcGIS services. They expose commonly used parameters to make them more accessible to Leaflet.


Event types common across components of Esri Leaflet. ✔️

  • loading
  • load
  • createfeature
  • removefeature
  • addfeature

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