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About Me



By profession I am an Information Security (InfoSec) Data Scientist. I've been in the InfoSec industry for 12+ years. Outside of InfoSec I also enjoy learning and exploring Geographical Information System (GIS) stuff. I contribute to various open source projects (check my Github link at the bottom).
I started my career as a software developer and I take pride in coding every single day. I have a large repertoire of coding skills from C/C++/Java to Scala/Javascript. I am also very proficient in Python and R for data analysis including statistical and machine learning. Of late I have taken a keen interest in web design fundamentals including UI/UX building using CSS, and Typography. Besides coding I also enjoy data visualization quite a bit and I can build dataviz in R using ggplot2 / htmlwidgets. I am also upping my D3 based dataviz skills.

This blog is mostly to share my knowhow with others as well as showcase some of my talents. I don't have a comments section on my blog but if you want to get in touch, find me on Twitter or LinkedIN (links at the bottom).